We have one driving philosophy behind every thing we do as a company:

“Real products that solve real problems achieve real adoption”.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling cars, clothes, food, or blockchain products. People purchase things because they solve a problem.

You’re cold? Buy a coat.

You’re hungry? Buy lunch.

You want to go to Mars but the government is taking too long? Talk to Elon Musk about that one.

The exact same logic applies to blockchain-integrated products.

And that’s exactly why we built AXEL IPFS. We don’t believe you should have to give up data custody and data privacy just to share files. Why should some tech conglomerate have the right to look through your private data, as a condition of using their service? Sure, it could be argued that if you don’t like it, then you don’t have to use their service. But until now, there was no alternative.

That’s what AXEL IPFS is, your alternative, the new way to share your content.

We’ve already had tens of thousands of transactions on our network, and we’re looking to have millions more very soon!

That’s why we’re launching the AXEL IEO in partnership with ProBit Exchange. As one of the fastest-growing exchanges in Asia and the premiere exchange in Korea, ProBit is perfectly positioned to help AXEL grow our network in the vital Korean market. As a cutting-edge country when it comes to technology, a partnership in Korea will cause the AXEL Network to rapidly expand as hundreds of thousands of users gain access to the most advanced IPFS-integrated product in the world.

But AXEL does not stop there.

AXEL IPFS is just the latest in a large suite of AXEL products! From our AXEL TackApp with over 2 million users, to our LetMeSee private photo-sharing app, to our upcoming AXEL Exchange, we build products because they serve an important need.

That’s why we have tens of thousands of transactions already on our blockchain before our IEO has even launched.

We built a product that uses blockchain as an integral part of immutably moving files through the network, not as some gimmick so that we could slap “-token” onto the end of our project name (we didn’t even put it on there). When the dot-com bubble crashed it wasn’t the end of an industry (the internet is stronger now than ever before), it was the end of companies that didn’t think of their customers and their products first.

And that’s the key. We’ve been around for a decade creating successful products that improve the lives of our customers. It’s the best way to engage with the digital economy, and it’s only going to get better from here as we continue to expand and improve upon an already popular product!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join one of the only IEOs by a company with over a decade-long track record of successful product launches.

“Real products that solve real problems achieve real adoption”.

That’s the AXEL way.

Oh… and if you’re here for the AXEL Quest this is the link you are looking for.