Privacy Bill of Rights

At AXEL, we have carefully developed a service that allows you to feel completely confident keeping your content secure with us. We know that if you use our service as it was designed, you will have peace of mind storing, accessing and sharing content which can sometimes be personal, confidential or sensitive. We believe that you should always maintain the highest level of privacy and control with your own personal information.

As a result, we have taken our cues from online privacy and electronic rights organizations like the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF). And, unlike the sometimes misleading “privacy policies” of other online services, we are proud to offer our users the AXEL “Privacy Bill of Rights.” We ensure that you – our users – will always have:

#1: Your Right to Informed Decision-Making (about everything).
AXEL presents you with an innovative user interface that visually displays who can see your files and where and how your files have been posted or shared. We have clear icons that allow you to readily see at a glance which files and folders have been shared, and even if they have been used or posted on external social networks. We give you the control to activate and deactivate sharing at any time on all of your files, no matter where your file has been shared or posted.

Whenever possible, and within the boundaries of our legal and regulatory obligations, we will alert you if any government, law enforcement entity or private party uses any legal or administrative processes to seek information about you or your content. We will do our best to ensure that you will be informed and will have the opportunity to respond to any action that is taken against you.

#2: Your Right to Control (your data and your profile).
We do not share any of your personal information or content with any advertising networks or other services. You control your data, we just provide you with the tools.

We are always trying to improve our service, and may, from time to time, use third party analytical tools to do so. Rest assured, your personal information is not shared with those services.

By using AXEL, you agree to let our tools handle your files in the way you choose (store, share, stream, convert, etc.). We store your data only when, where and how you permit us to. We don’t make extra copies of your data or troll your files to obtain information about you for advertising or any other purpose.

We don’t anticipate deviating from this bright-line policy; however, if we feel changes are necessary we will first seek your permission, providing clear disclosures and a plain English explanation of proposed changes.

#3: Your Right to Leave (and take your files with you).
We get it. They’re your files and we want you to keep them. We want you to be 100% confident that if you store files on AXEL and want to remove them from AXEL, we’ll take good care of you. Count on it.

If you ever want to leave our service, you can be sure that all of your files will be removed. We give you ample opportunity to download all of your files before they are purged from our system completely and permanently.

In addition, AXEL’s line of personal cloud devices gives you unprecedented control over your files through our proprietary on-premises personal cloud storage technology. We don’t even keep your files on our system – all of your files stay securely with you on the device. By physically disconnecting your device, you instantaneously sever access to your files through AXEL. We have worked hard to make this process work easily, and it does. You can sleep well knowing that you have the highest level of personal privacy and protected content offered anywhere by any cloud service today.

In conclusion, we take your Privacy Bill of Rights seriously – really. You can rest assured that your content and your information are safe and secure with AXEL. Period.