We make it simple for you to use our state of the art technology to
access, share and transfer your data to anyone in the world, without limits.


Fast, Safe and Private
File Sharing for the World!

Private: You choose who can access your files and for how long they can be accessed.
Safe: View pictures and play videos directly in the app without having to download them.
Fast: Our global network of masternodes and servers ensures your files are ready to go, whenever and wherever you need them!
AXEL will become the destination for users who value their data privacy and want to participate in the digital economy on their terms. We’re bringing fast and free private file-sharing to everyone, everywhere! Join today and receive free AXEL Tokens to get you started!

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The World’s Best
Photo Sharing App

Don’t miss the opportunity to capture and share a single photo moment with one friend or 100 friends. Perfect for fun outings, weddings, vacations, celebrations, adventures, and all of life’s best moments that can be shared!

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The AXEL Tack App

Share Anything With Anyone!

The Tack App allows you to share any file type, no matter the size. From documents to pictures, music files, videos and more, there are no limits to what you can share. Since the Tack App lets you stream files directly from one device to any other, you can say goodbye to those upload times. It’s so powerful that you can even share the contents of entire hard drives to anyone.

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